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2009, August 31st

Polish Yeti caught spying on bikini girl

The Morningstarr

2009, August 29th

Yeti filmed in Poland

The Morningstarr

  2009, March 1st

Yeti Evidence is ‘convincing’ says wildlife expert

Mail Online (UK)

2009, February 19th

Priest to investigate bigfoot sighting in Siberia

RSI Novosti

972008, December 4th 

Mormon missionaries find sasquatch print

Houston Today.com

962008, October 26th

Bigfoot sighting on Highway 101

The Willets News

952008, October 7th

Sasquatch Sightings continue

Houston Today.com

942008, Sept 14th 

Bigfoot reported to UFO Research

Houston Today.com

932008, August 19th 

Bigfoot Body Revealed to Be Halloween Costume


922008, August 15th  

Bigfoot Press Conference Yields little evidence

Scientific American

912008, August 15th  

Legend of Bigfoot: Discovery? Try Hoax.

ABC News

9_2008, August 14th 

Bigfoot expert weighs in: "I'm extremely skeptical

Scientific American

8_2008, August 14th 

US hunters claim to have found Bigfoot

The Times Online (uk)

7_2008, August 13th 

'Bigfoot' Seekers Claim To Have Found Prey


6_2008, July 28th 

’Looked 8 feet tall’

24 hours Vancouver

5_2008, July 27th 

Bigfoot: New Evidence


4_2008, July 25th 

’Yeti hair’ to get DNA analysis

BBC News online

3_2008, July 24th 

‘Yeti hairs’ Examined

Oxford Mail

2008,July 1st

Eerie presence, powerful stench: BIGFOOT!

Tahlequah Daily press

2008, March 25th

Photographs back Yowie hunch: claim

Glen Innes Examiner

2008, June 3rd

Artist sketches Yeti ‘photofit’

BBC News online

2008, June 20th

Ape creature attacks Filipinos

The Morningstarr

2008, June 13th

‘Bigfoot’ was here

The Borneo Post online

2008, January 23rd

Bigfoot on Mars? NASA captures alien figure


2008, April 20th

Footage shot in Manitoba shows Bigfoot


2008 June 17th

On the trail of the ‘Indian Yeti’

BBC News online

2007, September 6th

Yeti footprints photos goes under the hammer


2007, October 30th

Is this bigfoot....or is it a bear with bad skin?

Daily Mail (UK)

2007, November 9th

Did History Channel find Bigfoot?

New York Post

2007, November 30th

Everest footprints stir up Yeti legend


2007, November 27th

Shennongjia 'wild men' leave footprints


2007, November 20th

Wild men spotted again in Shennongjia


2007, May 2nd

Bigfoot risks extinction, says Canadian MP

Associated Free Press

2007, June 26th

Scientists set to prove 'Bigfoot' is no myth

Associated Press

2007, June 11th

'Bigfoot' sightings spark terror

The Australian

2007, January 26th

Archaeologist digs for proof of Sasquatch

The Union Democrat

2007, February 22nd

Unknown World: How I tracked Bigfoot through the Malaysian jungle.


2007, February 15th

Foot looks like bear’s hind paw

The Richmond Times

2007, February 13th

Foot still a mystery

The Free lance - Star

2007, February 12th

Oops! 'Human' foot belonged to ape

The Free lance - Star

2007, December 1st

’Yeti prints’ found near Everest

BBC News (UK)

2006, July 5th

Bring back Bigfoot

Boise Weekly

2006, July 20th

Bigfoot Search In Lamar County

KLTV (Texas)

2006, January 6th

Giant footprints prove Bigfoots existence

The Times of India

2006, January 30th

Malaysia launches hunt for 'Bigfoot' apeman after sightings in rainforest.


2006, January 26th

Johor to mount hunt for ‘Bigfoot

BBC News online

2006, February 28th

The Hunt for Malaysias Bigfoot

BBC News online

2006, December 15th

Woman Claims Sasquatch Sighting

The Star Pheonix

2006, December 14th

Sightings the talk of 'sasquatch-ewan'

CBC News - Canada

2006, August 5th

Bigfoot website closed after revelations

The Star Online

2005, July 26th

Scientists test Bigfoot Hairs

BBC News online

2005, December 31st

’Bigfoot’ hunt begins after sighting

The Scotsman

2005, April 21st

‘Bigfoot’ tape thrills Manitoba community

CBC News

2005 April 20th

Footage shot in Manitoba shows Bigfoot


2004, October 7th

Giant Ape may be new species

The Advertiser - Adelaide

2003, October 9th

Siberian find revives yeti legend

BBC News online

2003, October 2nd

Police expert claim Bigfoot proof

BBC News online

2003, October 23rd

Forensic Expert says Bigfoot is real

National Geographic

2003, June 30th

’Bigfoot’ sighting in China

CNN News

2003, June 30th

Bigfoot spotted in china

BBC News online

2003, July 1st

Investigators Go Ape over Weekend Sighting


2003, July 1st

Bigfoot ‘seen’ in Chinese nature reserve


2003, Aug 9th

Explorer finds key to yeti mystery

The Evening Chronicle

2002, June 17th

Sasquatch cast makes big impression

Seatle Post

2002, December 7th

That’s not Bigfoot, Thats my wife...

Daily Telegraph Online

2002, July 9th

Nevada’s early Bigfoot sighting

Nevada State Museum

2001, October 31st

Explorers track Sumatran Yeti

The Scotsman

2001, April 2nd

Yeti Hair defies DNA Analysis

The Times online

2000, October 23rd

Idaho State University Press Release

Idaho State Univ.

2000, July 21st

Ape divides experts

BBC News online

2000, August 30th

Bigfoot: Real or Hoax?

CNN News

1997, October 12th

Experts back Bigfoot film

Electronic Telegraph

1979, May 7th

Canadian town hunts for injured bigfoot

The Daily Herald

1979, January 17th

Bear or Sasquatch?

The News

1977, May 28th

Bigfoot big man in monkey suit

Nevada State Journal

1977, May 17th


The Daily Times-News

1969, October 17th

Canadian seeks elusive Sasquatch

Tri-City Herald

1949, March 18th

Tales of Tall timber heard in North West

Statesville Daily Record

1945, November 14th

Pottsdown hunts mystery beast

The Zanesville Signal

1942, August 26

Indian story of Monster “Ape Men”

The Hopewell Herald

1941, November 28th

Echo of the Ogopogo

The Lethbridge Herald

1941, November 20th

Sasquatch returns frightens indians

Long beach Independant

1940, August 24th

Cavemen Roam the Rockies?

Winnipeg free press

1939, June 29th

Half human terror in Ojai


1937, August 16th

Sounds like a bear yarn

The Hammond Times

1935, October 25th

Reports tell of Canadian monster men

The Hammond Times

1934, July 29th

Are they the last cavemen?

Lincoln Star

1934, July 10th

Hairy tribe of wildmen in Vancouver

Brainerd Daily Despatch

1934, March 2nd

Giant Wildman scares residents

Oakland Tribune

1934, January 16th

Mystery animal devouring dogs

Mansfield News-Journal

1924, September 25th

Apemen 8 feet tall

The Wellsboro Gazette

1924, July 17th

Seek tribe of Giants in U.S.

The Ogden Std Examiner

1921, November 10th

Terrorised by Wildman

New Oxford, PA

1921, August 13th

Town residents see ‘Gorilla’

The Star and Sentinel

1908, Febuary 15th

Captured a Wildman

The Stevens Pnt Journal

1905, April 30th

Blast odd Creature

The New York Times

1900, July 31st

Giant Wildmen in Jersey woods

The Post-Standard

1899, July 18th

Wild man of Wisconsin!

Iowa State Press

1897, June 20th

Wildman seen again

The Marion Daily News

1897, February 2nd


The Salem Daily News

1895, August 30th

“wildman” may be Gorilla

The New York Times

1894, April 7th

The Tree Devil

The Lowell Daily Sun


The Thirst for gold


1891, August 27th

Is it Wild man or Beast?

The Salem Daily News


The Wildman hunt

The Daily Republican

1889, August 21st

An “OBERON”-ish outlaw

Lapayette Advertisor

1889, February 4th

A Wildman in Walker

The Atlanta Constitution

1888, November 8th

Bigfoot tracks

The Olcan Democrat

1885, December 31st

Hunting Wildman in the west

Manitoba daily free press

1883, May 24th

A ferocious wildman

Bucks County Gazette


A kentucky Wildman

Daily Advocate

1879, October 18th

A Wildman of the mountains

The New York Times

1876, April 23th

The missing link

The Helen Independent

1871, May 5th

The Tennessee Wildman

The Hagerstown Mail

1871, April 29th

The wild man - What is he?

The Petersburg Index

1870, November 10th

The wild men of California

Titusville morning herald

1869, September 4th

What is it?

Dubuque Herald

1858, December 17th

The Wild people

Grand Traverse Herald

1839, June 25th

Old man of the woods

Huron Reflector




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