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Bigfoot News Stories...

20th June 2008

Ape creature attacks filipinos

By Jason Clarke

The Morningstarr

Blood samples of a strange ape-like creature which has attacked three people and disemboweled over 50 small animals in the La Castellana area of the Philipines have been given to the police to try and determine whether the creature is man or beast.

The unidentified monster, known locally as Amomongo, has been terrorising local residents for the past month. The creature has been described by survivors of the attacks as around five and a half feet tall, and looking like a monkey.

Over the past three to four weeks over 50 chickens and at least one goat have had their entrails ripped out of their stomachs and devoured by the creature.

But the horror doesn’t end there, three people have been attacked by “Amomongo” and received long scratches on their torsos as the Sasquatch-esque beast tried to remove their internal organs to feed on.

Elias Galvez and Salvador Aguilar were both attacked by what they described as a “hairy creature with long nails”. Aguilar managed to fight the beast off and fled to hospital for large scratch wounds. Galvez was luckily rescued when friends heard his cries for help.

Days later when Eric Lasita was attacked by the man-sized hairy monster, he managed to slash the beast with a blade he was carrying as he fought it off. The blood on that blade has now been sent to police labs to ascertain exactly what is attacking the poor folk of La Castellana.

The entire village of Sag-ang in La Castellana where the attacks have taken place is now a no go area after dark, residents retreat to the safety of their homes after nightfall amid unconfirmed fears that there may be more than just one Amomongo at large in the area.