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Bigfoot News Stories...

14th September 2008

Bigfoot spotted, Sasquatch sighting reported to UFO research


A woman on Buck Flats Road reported a Sasquatch sighting on Aug. 26 to Brian Vike, Director of Houston British Columbia Canada (HBCC) UFO Research.

She made the report 29 days after the July 28 sighting simply because she didn’t not know who she should tell.

“It was my neighbour who said Brian was the person to talk to,” she said.

Since her incident, one of the woman’s friends reported a sighting on Telkwa High Road in Moricetown and over the summer there have been sightings in Campbell River and in Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island.

Just Sunday morning, the woman heard something crashing outside near her house and her dogs were anxious to get outside.

“I am becoming much more aware of being out here,” said the woman whose home is surrounded by trees and bluffs. “I mean it could have been a moose or something, but you never know.”

Brian Vike took this picture of what he thinks may
be a Sasquatch track after a Bigfoot was reportedly 
sighted near Houston. The sighting was reported 
to UFO Research later.

The woman agreed to talk to Houston Today under a condition of anonymity.

At 5:45 a.m. that morning of July 28, the woman heard her dogs barking at the door. When she went down to investigate she saw that someone or something was rattling the door handle. Knowing that her son was not due back from his graveyard shift for two more hours, she began to panic.

She eventually opened the door and the dogs were out like a shot, sniffing out something on he east side of her property.

When she looked out at the side of her house, she saw a creature that was walking on two legs.

“It was huge and it had long hair, not fur — kind of like the kind you see on an ox and a reddish brown, the colour of the trees that are killed by the pine beetle,” said the woman. “And it moved so fast, by the time I opened my door it had run from the porch to the other side of the house.”

Once outside, the dogs pursued the creature it continued along a dried-up ravine and disappeared into a forested area. Her oldest dog didn’t return for three hours.

“I was worried but what do you do, tell people your dog is chasing bigfoot?” she asked. “I drove up and down the road, looking for him and eventually he came back.”

When she went out later that day, she found the area had markings where something very heavy had laid down the grass along the path.

When Vike investigated the property, he stood in the same area on the east side of the house where the women had seen the creature in attempt to gauge it’s height.

Except for the markings, Vike didn’t find any other evidence but he did say what the woman saw coincides with other sightings this summer.

“I am just over six feet and when I stood there she said she could only see the top of my head,” said Vike. “Whatever the heck she saw that morning, she was able to see from the head to the chest, making it at least seven or eight feet.”