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The Skookum Cast


Grover Krantz, John Green and John Bindernagel examine the Skookum cast. ( Click to enlarge )

The Skookum Cast is a plaster cast taken on September 22, 2000 during a Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) expedition to the Skookum Meadows area of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington state.

The cast, which measures 3- x 5-ft (1.0668 x 1.524 m) and weighs approximately 400 lbs (181.44 kg), is of a partial body imprint in the mud. Some researchers believe the imprint was made by a living Sasquatch, which was evidently sitting on the ground to reach for fruit set out as bait by the researchers the previous night. Indeed, the body dimensions of the cast are reportedly 40 to 50 percent larger than that of a six-foot tall human.

The cast reportedly shows the imprint of a huge forearm, hip, thigh, heel and ankle, and Achilles tendon. Impressions of hair are evident on the buttocks and thigh surfaces of the cast, as well as much longer fringes of hair on the forearm region. Dermal ridges appear on the heel, with many of the same

characteristics consistently found on other purported Sasquatch samples.

Henner Fahrenbach, a biomedical scientist from Beaverton, Oregon, analyzed hair samples from the cast and identified a single distinctly primate hair, which he believes belongs to a Sasquatch.

The heel and ankle and Achilles tendon impressions in the cast were studied by Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University, and the anatomy is comparable to models of a Sasquatch foot Meldrum created after examining hundreds of alleged Sasquatch footprints.

The cast has been investigated by many leading Sasquatch researchers, including John Green, Grover Krantz, John Bindernagel, and Meldrum, who believe the cast to be authentic, and solid evidence of the existence of Sasquatch. The Skookum Cast is also featured in the documentary Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, where it undergoes in-depth analysis by several researchers.

Click to Enlarge

Professor Jeff Muldrum next to the cast showing multiple impressions of the heal, Buttock and thigh. These were created as the creature re positioned itself in the mud.


An artists impression of the possible position of the creature when it made the impression

Text: Wikepedia.org, Visuals: www.bfro.net

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